Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helping Make a Change

No one chooses to be obese. But you have a C.H.O.I.C.E. to make a difference.

If you haven't already heard about the C.H.O.I.C.E campaign and petition, then I urge you to read more about it here.

The voices of 250,000 can influence the dialogue on the obesity epidemic and help shape policies that can make a real difference in the efforts to reduce the obesity epidemic. The CHOICE campaign has made a $250,000 donation to the cause, now we can help them reach their goal of 250,000 signatures.Sign their petition and help urge Congress to elevate the need to address the obesity epidemic.

Urging Congress to Make a Choice

This year, the C.H.O.I.C.E. Campaign will be working hard to make sure Congress gets our message that in order to effectively overcome the obesity epidemic, we need to focus on both prevention and treatment. We are urging Congress to keep the following in mind when creating obesity-related policies:

  • Focus on both prevention and treatment to address the obesity epidemic and accept all treatment options.
  • More than 70 million American adults are obese, of whom 15 million are severely obese (100 pounds or more overweight).1,2
  • Obesity is a disease that requires medical treatment just like any other disease. Obesity can correlate to life-threatening diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and others.3
  • Obesity is the second-leading cause of preventable death in this country.4
  • Those who are severely obese have often tried diet and exercise programs for years without success and the research proves it – for those 100 pounds or more overweight, diet and exercise alone fail 95% of the time after five years.5
  • Annual costs of overweight and obesity are estimated at $147 billion per year, representing 10% of all U.S. medical expenses.6
  • Medical research has shown that significant weight loss may improve – or even resolve – diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions.7,8
  • Weight-loss surgery, like gastric banding, is safe and proven more effective than diet and exercise alone in people 100 pounds or more overweight and has the potential to be the key to improving the health of the severely obese and reducing obesity-related healthcare costs.5,9
See all sources here.

In order to change the way obesity is viewed and addressed in this country, Congress also needs to encourage Americans and their physicians to talk about obesity and all treatment options that are proven to help all Americans reach their life's potential of good health.

Please read more and sign the petition.

Banded together we can help America's growing obesity epidemic.

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