Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crockpot Fajitas

Crockpot Fajitas

2 lbs chicken breast or tenders
1 pkg fajita seasoning
2/3 cup of your favorite salsa
2-3 large sweet bell peppers, cut into strips

Cut chicken into large chunks, place into crockpot. Mix fajita mix with salsa and pour over chicken. Cook on high for about 4-5 hours or on low about 7-8. 30- 60 minutes before serving place bell peppers on top. Once cooked, shred chicken with fork and mix in peppers.

Makes about 6 servings at 150 calories and 18 grams of protein per serving.

This dish was tasty topped with fat-free sour cream and cheese. It would be great on a salad, paired with some fat-free re-fried beans and rice for those non bandit family members.


  1. yumm, i'm sooo gonna try the chicken fajitas!

  2. well, I tired these......they were DELISH!!!!!
    I didn't cook them in salsa though....hubby is not a big fan of cooked salsa. I used the Fijita seasoning & a 1/2 cuo of chicken broth. They were sooo yummmy~~ thank you!



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