Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fast Food OnThe Go

It can be hard eating on the go with the Band. So, here are a few 300 calorie (or less) meals...

Burger King:

Chicken Tenders 5pc 210 cal
Side Garden Salad 15 cal
Fat Free Ranch 60 cal
Total 285 cal

Grilled Chicken Garden Salad 240 cal
Fat Free Ranch 60 cal
Total 300 cal


Chopped Turkey Club Salad w/o dressing 240cal
Total 240 cal
They didn't list any fat-free or low-cal dressing online. I am sure they have them, but you could always bring your own...


Caeser Salad with Grilled Chicken 220 cal
Low-fat Italian dressing 60 cal
Total 280 cal

4p Chicken Nuggets 190 cal
Side Salad 20 cal
Low-fat Balsamic Vinaigrette 40 cal
Total 250 cal


Chicken Caesar Salad 180 cal
NO to Garlic Croutons 70 cal
NO to Caesar Dressing 120 cal
Yes to Light Classic Ranch 90 cal
Total 270 cal

Mandarin Chicken Salad 180 cal
No to Crispy Noodles 70 cal
No to Roasted Almonds 130 cal
No to Oriental Sesame Dressing 170 cal
Yes to Fat-free french 70 cal
Total 250 cal

Taco Bell- has a new Fresco Menu.

Fresco Hard Taco- 150 cal
Fresco Soft Taco- 180 cal
Fresco Grilled Stake SoftTaco- 160 cal
Fresco Grilled Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco- 170 cal

Subway -has great options! They will make any sandwich into a salad.

Ham Salad- 110 cal
Oven Roasted Salad- 130 cal
Roast Beef Salad- 140 cal
Subway Club Salad- 140 cal
Turkey Breast Salad- 110 cal
Turkey Breast w/ Ham Salad- 120 cal
Veggie D'lite Salad- 50 cal

Of course, this doesn't include cheese and dressing.
Shredded Monterrey Cheese- 50 cal
Fat-Free Italian dressing-35 cal


  1. Thanks for this sorted list .
    Subway - offers are really cool :)

  2. How does anyone eat the flour tortillas from taco bell? That is supposed to be a huge band no no. I know they get stuck horribly for me.

    1. I can't eat the flour. One bite and I'm in horrible pain and that sucker is coming back up.

    2. Same here. I can only eat hard shell tacos or tostadas.



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