Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber!

I ran across this article today and thought it was totally blog worthy. They list the Top 20 Fiber Foods and then a Fiber Content Table follows. Check it out, it is very interesting.

Top 20 Fiber Foods

1. Dried Beans, Peas, and other Legumes (baked beans, kidney beans, split peas, dried limas, garbanzos, pinto beans, and black beans)
2.Bran Cereals
Topping this list are Bran Buds and All-Bran, but 100% Bran, Raisin Bran, Most and Craklin' Bran are also excellent sources.
3. Fresh or frozen Lima Beans
4. Fresh or frozen Green Peas
5. Dried fruit, topped by Figs, Apricots and Dates
6. Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries
7. Sweet Corn, cob or kernels
8. Whole-Wheat and other whole- grail cereal products.Rye, oats, buckwheat and stone-ground cornmeal are all high in fiber. Bread, Pasta, pizzas, pancakes and muffins made with whole-grain flours.
9. Broccoli
10. Baked Potato with skin (The skin when crisp is the past part for fiber.) Mashed and boiled potatoes are good, but not french fries, which contain a high percentage of fat.
11. Green snap beans, pole beans, and broad beans (Italian beans)
12. Plums, Pears, and Apples
13. Raisins and Prunes. Not as high on the list as other dried fruits but very valuable.
14. Greens- Spinach, Beet Greens, Kale, Collard, Swiss Chard and Turnip Greens
15. Nuts- Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts, and Walnuts ( Don't go nuts! They have a high fat content)
16. Cherries
17. Bananas
18. Carrots
19. Coconuts- Don't go Coco-Nuts either, They have a high fat content as well.
20. Brussels Sprouts

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